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A donation form that acts like your donors and speaks their language.

  • Allow your donors to dedicate their gift to a specific predefined social cause.

  • Give your community the payment methods that they prefer to donate with.

The suite of tools you need for your sustainable fundraising.

Monthly Donations

Use our monthly-first donation experience to inspire your donors to sustain your mission.

Community Sharing

Allow your community to use their daily social tools to share your mission with our native sharing.

Social Fundraising

Turn your community into fundraisers with our Peer Circles to run multiple personal campaigns instead of just one.

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Thanks a lot for making magics happen! you guys are the best.

Maria - Partnership

Turn your communities into a sustainability engine.

Givingloop is built to automate your funding. Enable your community and donors to boost your mission with a great set of fundraising tools.

Deliver a lasting social impact

Your community is here to stay, design your programs to stay with it forever by leveraging the power of our monthly donation tools.

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Track, group or analyze your incoming donations to see who donated what and make the right impactful decision at the right moment.

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Work with your community to create personalized fundraisers that extend your message to their network and their network’s network.

  • Turn your network’s social events into a sustainability machine for your mission

  • Rally your network to achieve your fundraising goals faster in smaller chunks

Read how SERES sustained their youth empowerment programs.

Fundraising Goals

SERES is creating a generation of leaders who have the skills to tackle tough challenges. This mission is there to stay and therefore requires a stable stream of income for the organization’s programs.

Annette Black
Legacy Group Executive

“Thanks a lot for making
magics happen! you
guys are the best.Thanks
a lot for making magics
happen! you .”

From One-Time Success to Ongoing Support

Mersal started as an idea in the hearts of a group of enthusiastic Egyptian youth who sensed the problem of medical care in Egypt, and started working to achieve sustained medical services for unprivileged patients using their experience in the charity field in Egypt. and was officially registered in 2015.


SERES has succeeded with raising more than $92k in donations of which 46% came from monthly donations. The impact of the organization has been clearer than ever before with revenue predictability and a higher retention rate for the staff of the organization.

The management side of the software is exactly what we need at SERES.

Liza - Director of Communication and Development